Technology & Process Design

Re-Inventing Process Architecture

We re-invent process architecture by using the most innovative and efficient technologies into a continuous production line, chaining operations from upstream to downstream. We implement highly productive cell lines with full validation package. And we select and implement cost efficient media and disposables.

This approach dramatically improves productivity (footprint, manpower, number of operations) and overcomes the scale limitations related to standard single-use production technologies. Autonomous production capacities can be deployed with significant investment reduction (up to 90%) and significant reduction of cost of manufacturing (up to 75%).


To meet the cGMP requirements and comply with local regulations, we help you to develop quality assurance (QA) guidelines and quality control (QC) protocols based on the industry standards. Our mission is to provide confidence that all systems and operations are working in a way that guarantees the highest level of quality for your final product.


What technology are you using & are you limited to specific technologies?

We strongly believe in technology-driven availability and affordability. From upstream to downstream, we are fully independent in the selection of the technologies. We only implement the most efficient and adapted ones, paying special attention to their user-friendliness, ease-of-integration and support services package.